Stripe The Cat Is Missing

My beautiful stripey ginger cat, Stripe has not been back to the farmyard since yesterday morning. He has now missed three feeds and I am getting worried. Unfortunately one of my other cats, Fluffy who is the dominant male has taken a dislike to Stripe and tries to chase him away. I don’t know where the dislike stems from, could it be that Stripe is a different colour to the others, is it that Stripe does like to go AWOL from time to time, or is it that Fluffy thinks he won’t get enough food!

They have all grown up together so I am not sure why there is this change in behaviour towards Stripe.

Stripe had a good feed the other morning as I took time to make sure that Fluffy didn’t frighten him off.

I am alittle nervous at this time of year when one of my cats goes missing as two years ago Go-cat, one of Stripe’s brothers, went missing on the 30th December and unfortunately had passed away. I found him laid by the side of one of the barns.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for my beloved Stripe. Please come home soon Stripe. I miss you.