Toys For Piglets

Piglets are very curious and inquisitive animals. They love to nibble on welly boots which is quite cute when they are small but may not be so cute when they get bigger.

Piglets love to chew on things and when they are bored they sometimes start to nibble on the other piglets curly tails. This can often end in serous injury for the piglet whose tail is being nibbled.

It is therefore important to keep your piglets entertained and to divert their attention away from the other piglets.

Toys suitable for the pigstye include:

  • Strong plastic containers that have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Old tyres.
  • Chains hung from the ceiling.

I have placed some empty plastic containers into the pig pen and the pigs love to nibble on them and push them around the pigstye. Hopefully this will deter them from nibbling on my wellies!