Calves Born On The Farm

This morning at about 6.00am a Charolais heifer calf was born to Number 28 Charolais cow. Then this afternoon a Limousin cross bull calf was born to a Limousin Cross cow.

Here is a video of the cows and calves.

The Charolais calf is suckling after about 4 hours and the mother is very protective and won’t let the farmer get close to the calf so the calf’s navel can’t be sprayed.

The Limousin calf was standing and suckling after about half an hour and the farmer was able to spray the navel with Alymacin spray to protect the calf from infection.

2 thoughts on “Calves Born On The Farm”

  1. Hi Topveg,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Spring is nearly in the air with new born calves and snowdrops flowering. New birth as our websites get a new start too!
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi Sara
    So good to see your new site – & to know you are ‘back on air’. Wonderful to hear that the farm is still there – and the birth of two new calves must be a good omen.
    Good luck to all the farm for 2009 – TopVeg

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