Daily Farm Udate At Farming Friends 19/01/09

It has rained and rained and rained today.

Cats – Stripe was missing last night and this morning. I don’t like it when he is off hunting in the wet weather.

Cattle – My father-in-law went to market today with two heifers and found out that our cattle sold last week went to the local butchers. I think I’ll be going to get us some beef.

Ducks – 4 duck eggs today that I can find in the hut, although because they poultry have been kept in due to the heavy rain they are all milling around and it makes egg hunting difficult.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are very vocal when they are kept in. They like their freedom to roam.

Guinea Pig – It is interesting that Guiness squeaks when he wants something.

Hens – Got 5 hen eggs today because they were kept in and I was able to find the eggs.

Pigs – We need to weigh the young gilts and boars.

Quail – The egg numbers are increasing, so it seems that the laying is affected by the temperatures as it has not been too cold today, just very wet!

By for now.