Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 01/01/09

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2009 is happy, healthy and prosperous. 

Cats – Stripe is still missing, although I thought I heard his maiowing this afternoon, but he didn’t turn up, although Fluffy was on the prowl and Stripe and Fluffy are no longer getting on.

Cattle – I noticed today that the bull is at the end of the trough when the fodder beet is fed to the cattle and then at the other end when the silage is fed into the troughs. This is so that he is at the head of the trough and gets the food before the cows. The fodder beet is fed in starting at one end and the silage is put in from the other end which is why the bull moves ends.

Ducks – Got 6 eggs this morning from the ducks. The eggs are likely to be fertile as the drake has been mating with the ducks.

Guinea Fowl – Paul from the village popped over today for some fodder beet for his goats. He said that he was greeted by a flock of guinea fowl in the lane and so he had to drive on the grass verge to avoid them. I don’t know why they have taken to wandering towards the village.

Guinea Pig – Guiness loves to hide in the straw bedding and you only know he is there when he squeals.

Hens – All the hens are looking well today which is a relief as I have lost 3 in the last 2 weeks.

Pigs – The 9 weaners I have are really friendly and well behaved. I am pleased that when I go in with their food, they don’t all charge at me and if they do come over they will wander off if I tell them to go away whilst I remove any bedding that they have moved into their trough.

Quail – Had to add more straw to the hut tonight as the quail are padding down the straw very quickly. I have one quail hen that doesn’t seem very well. I was able to pick it up and it didn’t try to escape. I hope that it will be ok. Have an order for quail eggs for tomorrow which I need to sort.

See you tomorrow!