Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 02/01/09

My cold is beginning to clear now and I just seem to have a cough. 

Cats – Stripe has not returned. I have had a look around the farm but can’t find him. I am hoping he has just wandered off for a few days as he is sick of Fluffy chasing him away. I will keep up my search for the lovely ginger cat.

Cattle – My father-in-law resumed cattle duties today as he is feeling better and my husband is clearing ditches out.

Ducks – Only had one duck egg this morning but that wasn’t the amount laid. I seem to have a vermin problem under the duck hut and they have been tried to bite the wood and have knawed quite alot of the door away. I am going to move the hut tomorrow. I would have done it today but it needs two of us and my husband didn’t return until after dark.

Guinea Fowl – I have 3 guinea fowl that hatched off last year and they are not yet fully integrated into the flock. Although all the guinea fowl stay in the same hut when they leave the hut in the morning 26 go one way and the 3 younger ones are left on their own.

Guinea Pig – I bought Guiness a knawing block but he prefers to knaw on the wood of the hutch!

Hens – I hen egg had been laid in the hut this morning. The other hens like to lay their eggs all over the farm.

Pigs – I am not sure if Lacy is ok. She seemed a bit quiet and steady on her feet today although she did get up both times to feed which is a very good sign. All the weaners are fit and growing well.

Quail – Unfortunately the quail that was poorly yesterday had died this morning. All other quail look well. I delivered the quail egg order I had for The Star at Sancton this morning.

Back again tomorrow.