Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 03/01/09

Today has been a cold day.

Cats -It looks like Stripe has definately gone. I hope he has found a new home and has not had all his nine lives! He will be sorely missed.

Cattle – During the Winter the cattle are fed fodder beet and silage twice a day.

Ducks – Only got 3 duck eggs this morning. Definately have a problem with vermin. Have decided to try and get the ducks to go in the poultry hut with the guinea fowl and hens as it is large enough. Put a ramp up at the door tonight and Steve and I managed to herd the ducks into the hut. We’ll have to see how they get on with the other poultry.

Guinea Fowl – The 3 younger guinea fowl all have lavender plumage. I think the new guinea fowl are a trio of one male and two females.

Guinea Pig – At this time of year it is important to check Guiness’ drinker to make sure that it asn’t frozen up.

Hens – I think some of the hens are laying eggs on the top of the bales. If I am feeling up to it I may climb on the bales and have a look tomorrow.

Pigs – The pigs needed a fresh bale of straw which I use to bed them up.

Quail – The Japanese quail had 2 eggs in their hut this morning. I have placed another box with straw in for the quail as they like to lay their eggs in the box and it keeps them warmer.

More news tomorrow from the farmingfriends farm.