Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 04/01/09

It was very frosty this morning when I got up and it took a long time for the frost to thaw. Frosty morning make changing water drinkers for my poultry difficult as the taps are usually frozen.

Cats – It looks like Stripe has definately gone. My other four cats greet me at the door every morning during the Winter months. Sometimes when I get up they are sitting on the landrover which has just turned up to keep warm, but when they see me through the window they gather at the door. Oh what it is to be cat popular!

Cattle – This morning two heifers where moved to the holding pen ready to be loaded in the trailer in the morning as they are ready to go to market.

Ducks – The ducks have managed their first night in the big poultry barn with the guinea fowl and hens unscaithed. They had laid 4 eggs this morning and they are very clean.

Guinea Fowl – They guinea fowl were quite noisey last night as the ducks were new to the poultry house and obviously disturbed the pecking order.

Guinea Pig – Guiness’ drinker was frozen up this morning and I had to fill it up in the house as all the outside taps were frozen.

Hens – Had to keep the hens inside today as I was out for lunch and wouldn’t be back by 2.30pm to put the hens safely away. Two hen eggs were waiting for me in the hen hut.

Pigs – I have two young boars out of the 9 saddleback weaners I have left. I have noticed that they are hairier than the gilts. Their father is also hairier than my sows. I wonder if saddleback boars are generally hairier or if it is just that Dennis the boar is hairy!

Quail – 1 egg from the japanese quail in the aviary today and lots of eggs from the barn reared quail. The straw on the ground in the barn helps to prevent the quail getting toe balls.

Back tomorrow for another farm update.