Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 05/01/09

It had snowed in the night and was white over this morning as it had frozen over the snow and it wasn’t melting. 

Cats – Hurray, I was greeted this morning by the cries of Stripe the cat. I don’t know where he has been but I was delighted to see him. He has had two good feeds today, but Fluffy was trying to chase him away tonight – naughty Fluffy.

Cattle – Steve was up early to help load the two heifers so his dad could take them to market.

Ducks – The ducks have settled into the new hut with the others well and there were 5 duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl all look healthy, ssh I didn’t say that really, I don’t want to tempt fate!!!

Guinea Pig – Guiness’ claws are beginning to grow long again and will need to be clipped soon.

Hens – All 14 hens are ok. Two eggs in the hut this morning. Polly who was poorly a few months ago just looks abit steady but she did come out of the hut so that is a good sign.

Pigs – All feeding well and they really enjoy the fooder beet. Will need to mill some more barley in the next day or two.

Quail – One quail had died in the night. There were no outward signs of illness. Had a phone call today from one of Steve’s Auntie’s friends who wanted to bring her Grand-daughter to look at the quail. Georgia wanted to take some quail away to keep at ther Grandparents but we persuaded her that I would hatch some off and then she could have a trio of quail. I have extended the straw litter to the whole barn floor as the quail seem to like the flooring and it isn’t too difficult to spot the eggs. 1 egg in the Japanese quail aviary. Put more straw in their hut as well to keep them warm in the cold weather.

Back tomorrow!