Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 06/01/09

It was very frosty this morning and all taps frozen up.

Cats – Four cats were crowded at the door this morning. Stripe was no where to be seen but when I went to get the poultry out he was walking back up the lane. Phew! I have petteed him quite a bit today and taken some photos.

Cattle – 3 calves have been weaned today so there is alot of beeling going on.

Ducks – The ducks manage to get out of the hut by flapping their wings. They don’t need a ramp for getting out only getting in. There were 5 duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – Lightening the white guinea fowl has really grown into a beautiful bird and her group are now well intergrated into the main flock. It seems to take a new group of guinea fowl a good year to get established and fully accepted into the group.

Guinea Pig – Guiness has a rug that is placed over the front of the hut each night to keep him warm and well protected.

Hens – All the hens are fine. No eggs in the hut this morning.

Pigs – The young pigs are now 15 weeks old today.

Quail – All quail are fine this morning. They really like the straw on the ground in the hut. Not too many eggs yesterday but this is probably due to the very cold weather.

See you tomorrow.