Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 07/01/09

Another frosty day but then it rained abit and melted the snow and ice. Put some fatballs out and saw lots of birds eating them.

Cats – All cats present and correct today. One cat had sicked up their food this morning but not sure which one. Spot was really friendly today. He loves to be stroked and get cuddles. Fluffy and Snowy were trying to help whilst we were

Cattle – The two heifers that went to market on Monday fetched a good price. One about £1100 and the other £900.

Ducks – 5 duck eggs this morning but they had laid they all over the poultry hut. Ducks are now used to going in the big hut and go in easily.

Guinea Fowl – 3 guinea fowl have roosted on the top of the barn tonight as I didn’t get outside until nearly three o clock and they like to be in at 2.30pm. One of the guinea fowl got down and I put him in the hut so now there are just two roosting.

Guinea Pig – I am thinking og getting Guiness a guinea pig to be friends with.

Hens – Hens are all well but not laying in the hut.

Pigs – The pigs are very warm in the barn. We noticed they are warm when the snow was melting quicker on the pig barn roof than the other roofs. They obviously generate alot of heat.

Quail – All quail are well. Not many eggs tonight. Had an order for 3 or 5 quail for a friend’s grandaughter. I will hatch them off in March so that Georgia can have them in the Easter holidays.

See you tomorrow.