Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 14/01/09

As well as trying to retrieve data for the farming friends website and hold down a part time job, I also have my animals to look after twice a day.

Cats – All 5 cats are present and correct and seem to be getting along as Fluffy and Stripe don’t always get on.

Cattles – Our bull was born onthe farm and has been raised by us. He is fairly young and has a gentle nature.

Ducks – Collected 6 perfectly clean duck eggs, 5 were collected this morning and one this afternoon.

Guinea Fowl – Had to be kept in today and their calling out told me that they were not happy.

Guinea Pig – Guiness was squeaking at me tonight so I gave him a bit of a petting which he seemed to like.

Hens – All the hens are healthy. They have some new nest boxes in the hut but they had been unused this morning.

Pigs – I am amazed at how well the weaners are growing. They look in good shape and have excellent markings for Saddleback breeding.

Quail – The quail had new straw in their hut last night and I have made some tunnels using potato ducts covered in straw and the quail are enjoying hiding and laying eggs in the tunnels.

Well I’ll be back with another update tomorrow and more of my old posts added back to the site!

4 thoughts on “Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 14/01/09”

  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for popping back. I think I am still in shock and in a hurry to get over 1000 posts back online!
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your kind words. It is going to take along time to get the website content back online but the positive is I can give the website a spring clean and a makeover, so watch this space!
    Kind regards

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