Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 15/01/09

Another busy computer day as well as looking after the livestock.

Cats – All cats are getting on well but Spot has seemed under the weather these last few days.

Cattle – The bull was waiting at the start of the trough when he heard the fodder beet feeder start up.

Ducks – The ducks like to eat slugs and snails in the field and I got 5 clean white duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl didn’t like the rain and rounded themselves up early.

Guinea Pig – Fed Guiness some sprouts leaves and carrots today.

Hens – The hens had laid 2 eggs in the hut and 5 eggs on the bales.

Pigs – The pigs need a really good muck out which I will do at the weekend.

Quail – The quail love the thick layer of straw in their hut. I have an egg delivery tomorrow to The Star at Sancton.

Back tomorrow.

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