Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 17/01/09

Well the weather is variable here.

Cats – Spot was very friendly tonight and obviously wanted petting as he followed me to the back door.

Cattle – I didn’t realise that we had some new breeding cattle. There are 3 new cows, so we will see how they go at calving time.

Ducks – Only four eggs this morning. Very clean and they had moved their nest site in the barn to the corner as I had put fresh straw in the corner last night. I found another duck egg under the conifers bordering the vegetable garden.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl males are beginning their battle to win over the guinea fowl hens that are available. Some of the males have started to chase each other around.

Guinea Pig – Didn’t put the cover over Guiness’ cage last night. Glad I have remembered tonight as the wind is raging and a storm is predicted.

Hens – One of the lighter brown hens is poorly. I think she may be egg bound. Her tummy has got big and she is holding herself with her tail feathers down. She stayed in the barn all day so I know she is not well.

Pigs – The pigs prefer barley to fooder beet.

Quail – The quail eggs are very clean with the new straw system on the floor and there is very little toe-balling.

See you tomorrow.