Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 18/01/09

Cats – Stripe not a round today. Hope he is ok, won’t worry yet.

Cattle – Two charolais cows have been moved into the calving pen so that they are ready for loading in the morning to go to market.

Ducks – Four duck eggs collected from the hut this moring and then one in the conifer trees. I bought a koi carp pond for the ducks but it is to high so I am putting bricks upto the top so that they can get in and out.

Guinea Fowl – The three youngest guinea fowl seemed to be hidden in the paddock tonight and were the last to get into the barn.

Guinea Pig – Guiness is a shy guinea pig. I would like to get a companion for Guiness but it would have to be a female and then I would get baby piglets as well.

Hens – The poorly hen didn’t make it through the night. Poor thing but at least she is not in pain. Her tummy looked swollen. Collected two egs in the hut today.

Pigs – Visited a nearby farm today where we hire the boar or get AI from for our Saddleback sows. Itwas interesting to see the  Saddlebacks and the weaners that are related to mine and to compare them.

Quail – The quail are beginning to lay more eggs because the weather has warmed up.

More from the farm tomorrow.