Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 20/01/09

Well it’s been a nice day today and the poultry were very relieved that they could free range in the sunshine. This morning we had a sparrow, chaffinch, bluetit and great tit feeding on the fatballs near our kitchen window. I noticed this afternoon that the snowdrops are just beginning to come through in the orchard.

Cats – Hurrah Stripe is back and Fluffy doesn’t seem to be cross with him at the moment. I saw the back of a strange cat this afternoon near where I feed my cats. I think it may be the young cat that turned up here last year.

Cattle – The price of cattle has gone down slightly on last weeks price at the market.

Ducks – I am building a ramp up to the new pond at the moment as it is not sunk into the ground. The ducks had laid 6 eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl didn’t want to come in tonight as it was sunnyand they were enjoying dust bathing which is a good way of them ridding themselves of mites

Guinea Pig – Guiness is getting alot friendlier and is not so timid.

Hens – Got 2 hen eggs in the hut this morning and then 1 hen egg under the conifers.

Pigs – The pigs needed a new bale of straw for me to bed them up. Straw is  great for pigs as it keeps them warm, they can root through it for things to eat and it keeps them busy and relieves boredom.

Quail – The quail in the avairy wereok this morning afterthe heavy rain. The extra straw obviously helped to keep them warm.

See you bright and earlyin the morning for the next set of livestock duties.