Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 21/01/09

A busy day on the farm with the arrival of two calves.

Cats -It is funny how the cats are scared of the guinea fowl. Whilst I was in the study, I looked out over the neighbouring field to see a splash of ginger being chased by a splash of lavendar grey. This was infact Stripe, may ginger cat being chased along the field by a flock of 20+ guinea fowl.

Cattle – Two calves were born, a Charolais heifer and a Limousin bull.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs from the hut this morning. The pond is nearly ready, just need to fill to the top with water.

Guinea Fowl – A sure sign that Spring is on the way is when the guinea fowl are reluctant to go in the hut at 2.30pm and the male guinea fowl are chasing each other in an attempt to win over any female guinea fowl that are not paired up already. 

Guinea Pig – My guinea pig has a multi coloured coat of black, white and brown.

Hens – All hens are well and I got 3 eggs in the hut this morning. it is so much easier when they lay in the hut.

Pigs – I didn’t manage the big muck out at the weekend, so really need to get on with it.

Quail – Took a quail egg order today for the Pipe and Glass pub.

See you tomorrow for more news from the farm.