Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 22/01/09

Cats – Snowy the mother to my other four cats is beginning to slow down. I inherited her from the farm when we moved here so she must be about 8 years old. I am not sure what that is in cat years.

Cattle – The charolais calf is coming on and is leaping about the pen today.

Ducks – Got six duck eggs and have filled up the pond so it is ready for the grand unveiling for the ducks – how exciting.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are beinning to organise themselves into their mating groups during the day. I read that guinea fowl will pair up for life and this does seem to be the case as my “royal group” of guinea fowl, Charlie, Camilla and Diana are always together.

Guinea Pig – Guiness is so clever – today he let me know that his water bottle was getting low.

Hens – Got one hen egg today in the hut and found another behind the door in the barn where there is a pile of straw.

Pigs – Began the big muck out today. It will take me a few days to get it all mucked out. It certainly is hard and smelly work.

Quail – The quail need some fresh straw in their barn which will be tomorrows job.

Tune back in for another daily update tomorrow from farmingfriends.