Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 23/01/09

We have had lots of rain on and off today, so the poultry didn’t come out but now I wish I had let them out. Sheep moved in next door. The neighbouring field is not ours and has been rented out to a local sheep farmer. I noticed the Winter Aconites are beginning to grow in the orchard which is a welcome sight with all this talk of recession and the gloomy weather.

Cats – Snowy the mother to my other four cats is not very well today. She was in the outer barn but when I brought her some food she disappeared and I later found her asleep on the bales but when I climbed up to see if she was ok she got up and left, which can only be a good sign, although she hasn’t eaten today, despite my efforts.

Cattle – The cows and new born calves have returned to the fold yard today and the bull has gone into the calving pen.

Ducks – Got five duck eggs today. The ducks have stayed in as they live in thepoultry hut with all the others and there is no way of getting them out without the hens and guinea fowl following! Anyway the I went to get some fresh straw and to fill up the drinkers and when I came back one of the ducks was limping, but I am not sure why. Tonight when I went in to fill up the drinkers after they had spent a day inside another duck seemed to be limping. I am not sure why this is. I don’t know if there has been a bit of fighting going on between the ducks and the guinea fowl or the hens. The hens are very strong willed but the ducks ususally stand their ground. I don’t know if the male guinea fowl where a bit frustrated being cooped up all day and were taking it out on the ducks. I hope a good nights rest will see them all well in the morning as it pains me to see my animals unwell or hurt.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl were very vocal today as they had to stay indoors and the male guineas are getting restless as the mating season will sooon be upon us.

Guinea Pig – Does anyone know if there are different breeds of guinea pigs? I assume that there are.

Hens – Got three hen eggs this morning – I am going to look like an egg soon.

Pigs – Continued with the mucking out and Steve gave a hand, thanks Steve.

Quail – Made two deliveries of quail eggs today and then added more straw to the quail hut. The egg numbers are increasing. I have noticed that my nightly collection has gone from about 12 to 30 eggs. What more eggs I hear you cry!!!

Farming Friends says bye for now.

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