Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 24/01/09

My mum and dad spent the morning with us on the farm. We did a walk of the farm to see the animals and then a walk up the lane which was great for blowing the cobwebs off us!!!

Cats – Snowy looked abit better this morning but she wouldn’t come to feed from the cat bowls, so I hope she is going to be ok. This afternoon I saw the ginger cat with a cloudy eye on the bales. I don’t know if Snowy has been fighting with this cat as there is fur on the floor near the cat bowls. Gave Spot a real good petting as he came into the outer pig barn to watch whilst I feed and mucked out the pigs, what a friendly cat he is turning out to be.

Cattle – The bull has been turned back into the fold yard with the cows, I bet he is happy about this!

Ducks – Got 4 duck eggs this morning. Two of the ducks are limping. One you can hardly see the limp and the other is definately limping. I am hoping that they get better soon.

Guinea Fowl – Didn’t put the guinea fowl away until 3pm today and they had started to fly up the bales but luckily they all came down and went inside the hut.

Guinea Pig – Guiness has been fairly quiet today, wonder if this is because his drinker and food bowl is full?

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs in the hut this morning and then one in the outer pig barn. Hatty the hen has a different call to the other hens but they all come running if they hear my voice as they think I might have food for them. Oh what it is to be popular.

Pigs – Well what an event full morning in the pig barn. I went to fill up the water bucket leaving Cagney and Lacy’s door open and as it had been a little icy last night the water was running slowly so when I went back Cagney and Lacy were in the outer barn and the door to their barn was shut! Then when I was in with the nine young pigs, asI was mucking out they started to finish their food and it ended up with most of them in the outer barn and then one of them went down the step and into the feeding passage for the fold yard. It took ages to get her back up the steps. In fact it took two of us with a board each to get her back in!!!

Quail – All the quail are content and beginning to lay well. It is interesting that the quail in the aviary are more active as the light begins to fade in the late afternoon.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring on the farm?