Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 25/01/09

Cats – Snowy was at the door this morning and went to the cat bowl but then didn’t eat her food. Tonight she ate her food. The ginger cat with the cloudy eye was at the cat bowls tonight, but soon ran off when I approached!

Cattle – The bull was back in the calving pen today as one of the cows is in bulling and the activity in the fold yard was a little dangerous for the newly born calves.

Ducks – One duck is still limping. May try to keep them in tomorrow so she can rest her leg. They haven’t gone anywhere near the pond I have got for them! Got 6 duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – Have had a major guinea fowl disaster today. When I went in the hut to let the birds out I opened the door and then went to collect the eggs. Unfortunately the door swung back and caught one of the guinea fowl’s toes in the door. She didn’t half yelp and I don’t know if her foot is broken. Tonight only 28 guinea fowl came to the hut and I found the injured guinea hen in the veg garden. She managed to walk to the hut ok and I tried to spray her foot with alamycin but couldn’t get near her. I do hope that she will be ok.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness some plums to eat today which he seems to like.

Hens – Got 3 eggs this morning but one had a fragile shell and I managed to putmy finger through it!

Pigs – Did a big muck out this morning. Have taken an order for 4 weaner gilts but the weaners are not even born yet so that is a good start! Also sold the seven gilts I have in at the moment and they should be going this week. Tonight I got the nine young pigs to eat their fodderbeet down the step and in the fold yard passage so that they will not be frightened of the step and will load more easily.

Quail – Unfortunately had one dead quail. I don’t know why she died as there was no sign that she was unwell.

Another daily farm update tomorrow from farmingfriends.

2 thoughts on “Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 25/01/09”

  1. Hi Wildlife Gardener,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I love my menagerie of wildlife at farmingfriends! I think that the guinea fowl may have a broken claw. Not sure how I can mend it as she won’t let me get near her and I don’t think I can get her into the animal carrying cage to take her to the vet. I will keep you posted.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. You have a wonderful selection of wildfowl and kitties to look after. Hope the guinea fowl recovers…while I was reading your post I caught my breath thinking you were going to say a fox had got in… 🙂

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