Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 26/01/09

Cats – Snowy is definately better. She ate the food with the rest of them today.

Cattle – The limousin calf is poorly. It has been given medication and will hopefully survive.

Ducks – Still have one duck limping but her limp is not so bad. Got 4 eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – My guinea fowl with the injured foot is limping a bit and isn’t staying with the flock. I found her this afternoon in the hedgerow resting. Got her back to the hut ok. Will look at taping her claw as I thinkit might be broken. Tried to spray Alamycin spray this morning but she was still too fast for me despite the injury and I didn’t want to wear her out and hurt her foot un-necessarily.

Guinea Pig – More plums for Guiness. He really seems to like them.

Hens – The hens really recognise my voice and follow me around the farm as they think that I will give them food!

Pigs – Has the nine young pigs out this morning to practise going down the step. They don’t have a problem with the step. Next step is to get them to go in the trailer. It’s easy to say but not to do!!!

Quail – All quail are ok. Saw one quail with some toeballing but couldn’t catch the quail. Will try to get the ball off the foot tomorrow.