Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 27/01/09

Cats – The cats are all fine. Spot is becoming very friendlyand always makes time for a petting.

Cattle – The limousin calf survived the night which is very good news.

Ducks – Got seven duck eggs this morning, which is strange as I have only six ducks and one drake. I must have missed one of the eggs yesterday! The duck is still limping but it seems to be easing and the limp is not so pronounced.

Guinea Fowl – Well the guinea hen with the broken foot left the hut with all the others this morning and she wasn’t left behind but tonight she hadn’t come back so I had to go and fetch her again.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness some extra straw for bedding this evening. 

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs in the hut this morning and then one was laid tonight. There seemed to be the remnants of another 2 egg but the hens must have broken them.

Pigs – The pigs are enjoying being fed in the feed passage although they can smell the barley in the dustbin container and try to get the lid off!

Quail -Got nearly 30 eggs tonight. No sign of toe-balling on any feet.

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