Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 28/01/09

Cats – Fluffy has started to pull a funny face, or more of a grimace when he doesn’t want me to stroke his head!

Cattle – The calf is much improved. My father-in-law is on holiday so my husband has spent the day feeding cattle and organising the feeding. Everyone has a different routine and way of organising their jobs when it comes to feeding livestock.

Ducks – The duck is still limping. Got 4 eggs this morning. Tried to introduce the ducks to the new pond which is too high for them to just jump into. They now know that it contains water and one of the ducks bravely climbed the steps but then proceeded to go straight back down again without getting in the water!

Guinea Fowl – All the guinea fowl went out today except the guinea with the injured foot. I tried again to spray her with the Alymacin spray but it went all over and just missed her foot.

Guinea Pig – I think that Guiness is looking forward to warmer weather when he can go in his Summer run on the grass. He likes to poke his head out the hutch when I open the door.

Hens – Got 3 eggs this morning and one tonight. Every meal practically needs to be eggs!

Pigs – The nine pigs are really enjoying being fed in the feeding passage. I have now got them to respond to my call and the rattle of the bucket when I want them to come back in. Hopefully they will follow me into the trailer like the pied piper of Hamelin!

Quail – The quail will need to fresh straw in their hut tomorrow.

Another farmingfriends update.