Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 29/01/09

Did you know that this week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which is great if you need an excuse for a lovely cooked breakfast!

Cats – Stripe followed me about tonight which is lovely and then Spot came to the barn for his nightly petting.

Cattle – Steve is keeping a close eye on a few of the calves as they seem to be coughing abit.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. I was going to keep the ducks in but one of the ducks waddled quickly past me this morning so they all had to go out. Missy Limpalong, the duck with the limp is still limping but I am not surprised with the number of miles that the ducks cover in a day!

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl with the broken foot went out with the others today and came back with the others so I think that her foot is slowly healing.

Guinea Pig – Fesh food and water for Guiness tonight.

Hens – No eggs this morning but one tonight in the hut. There must be some eggs elsewhere! I gave the poultry fresh straw in the hut which they enjoy rooting through.

Pigs – I am amazed how quickly the pigs have learnt to follow the sound of the bucket and me calling them. Pigs are clever.

Quail – The quail got fresh straw in their barn this evening so they were enjoying running in and out of the straw.

Back tomorrow for more news from the farm.