Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 30/01/09

Cats – I bought a brush ages ago for the cats and tonight I gave Spot, Fluffy, Snowy and Snowball a brush. Fluffy liked it the most!

Cattle – The cattle are going to be mucked out tomorrow. All the calves are doing ok. Steve has been spreading muck today.

Ducks – Tried to keep the ducks in this morning but a couple of them snook past me and out they all went except Missy Limpalong who kept quacking until she went out as well. Her limp doesn’t seem so bad tonight and it isn’t stopping her laying eggs as I got 6 eggs again today.

Guinea Fowl – All the guinea fowl went out but the injured guinea fowl was sitting in the hedgerow tonight and I had to go and round her up.

Guinea Pig  – Gave Guiness a cauliflower and broccoli stalk this morning.

Hens – Got 1 hen egg this monring and then one was on top of the bale in the barn later today. The hens all now come running when they see me as they think I am going to give them some food.

Pigs  – The pigs need another big muck out tomorrow.

Quail – Have delivered quail eggs to The Star @ Sancton today and taken an order for Langlands and the Farmer’s Cart, so it’s all busy on the farm.

See you back here tomorrow.