Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 31/01/09

Today is my wedding anniversary. Celebrating 5 years of marriage. Hurrah!

Cats – All cats present and correct. Spot, as always was very friendly. I even managed to sit on a bale and he came for a cuddle on my knee.

Cattle – Steve mucked out the fold yard today. The cattle have to stand in one half of the fold yard whilst the fork out the muck in the empty half with the loader and then my father-in-law drove the tractor and trailer with the muck to the field.

Ducks – Still can’t get the ducks to stay in. Missy Limpalong seems to have a slightly swollen foot. I am going to head out after dark to investigate! Still got 6 duck eggs.

Guinea Fowl – Injured guinea is still limping too but she came back with the flock today thankfully. I will go and check her foot after dark too!

Guinea Pig – Guiness was really squeaking today. He had enough food and water but I added some more food and made sure that he was covered over tonight incase the forcast snow comes.

Hens – Got one hen egg in the hut another had been broken. Those naughty hens! One of the hens laid an egg in the barn whilst I was mucking out the pigs.

Pigs – Pigs got a big muck out again today. How much muck can 11 pigs produce? ALOT!!!!

Quail – Took a delivery of quail eggs to The Farmer’s Cart near York today. Also made sure that the quail in the aviary had plenty of straw as the forecast is for very cold and Wintery weather.

Back again tomorrow with more news from the farmingfriends farm.

4 thoughts on “Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 31/01/09”

  1. Hi Jane, Thanks for your good wishes. Steve mucked out the cow shed!!!
    But we did have a lovely meal.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Happy anniversary Sara! Glad to see that everything is doing well at the farm. Mucking out pigs on your anniversary…. what did your husband do as a celebration? ask you to clean out the henhouse? 🙂

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