Indian Runner Ducks For Sale Or To Exchange

I recently received a request about Indian Runner Ducks.

I have three campbells and three indian runners. When I got them I was promised most faithfully that they were all girls and would lay eggs. It turns out that the three indian runners are all male. I would like to sell the indian runner males or swap them with someone for more campbells?Thanks.


If anyone would like to buy the Indian Runners or has some campbell ducks they are happy to swop then please leave a comment and I’ll pass your message onto Lor, thanks.

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  1. Dear Sirs, Yes i have Indian Runners, girl and boy, louie i brought up by myself, but i had two drakes so had t get rid of one, my girl duck has just had babys but we went home t surrey and lost them in the pond which i was gutted, but she is still sitting on one egg, but its been more then 28 days now, but nothing happened, i have been told t take the eggs away from her, should i of done this straight away when she first laid, if we been home and had two, do u take the rest of the eggs away so she will look after the babys instead of staying the nest. Do u think we will have more , also did wounder if we can have another duck, like bantams

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