Jamie Oliver Saves Our Bacon

I didn’t manage to catch Jamie Oliver’s Save Our Bacon programme last night but my husband said it was well presented and the whole process and argument was well put forward. We hope that this programme will help the sale of British pork products just like Jamie and Hugh’s programmes helped the chicken industry.

I have just pledged to buy Britsh Pork, although that is what I always do, although as I breed my own saddleback pigs, I am definately eating British pork, my own pork! If you wish to make the pledge to buy British Pork then click on this link.

Let me  know what you thought of the programme.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver Saves Our Bacon”

  1. Hi Wildlife Gardener,
    I agree we should support our farmers. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. I agree with everything he is doing to help pig farmers and their produce. We should all support our farmers in any way we can…and certainly never criticise them while we have food in our mouths…:)

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