Are Duck Eggs Good To Eat?

Duck eggs are great for creating many egg dishes especially as they are larger eggs and have large yolks.

Duck eggs are great for:

  • Making lemon curd.
  • Baking cakes.
  • Scrambling.
  • Poaching.
  • Making omelettes.
  • Frying for a cooked breakfast or egg and chips.
  • Making quiches.
  • Hard Boiling for picnics and packed lunches.
  • Soft boiled eggs and soldiers!
  • Making pancakes.
  • French toast.
  • Cornbread tastes great using duck eggs.
  • Homemade cheesecake also tastes great using duck eggs.
  • Deviled eggs.

    Let me know what you have used you duck eggs for and if you have any recipes you’d like to share then please leave a comment.

    11 thoughts on “Are Duck Eggs Good To Eat?”

    1. Should we use duck eggs that have been laid in a plastic pond we have set up for the ducks? I empty and clean the pond weekly but the eggs sometimes lay in that poop sediment on the bottom.

    2. I was thrilled to receive free range, grain fed duck eggs from a co-worker. Chicken eggs have been a main breakfast staple for my family and I thought duck eggs would be just the same. I have just found out…the hard way…that I have an intolerance to duck eggs. Symptoms are exactly as Becky W. & Mins stated. Mild discomfort begins within 15 minutes of eating the egg and progresses to become sharp pains that seem to radiate through to my back. Twice now, I have been completely buckled over in pain on the couch. For me it seems to slowly go away by evening time. I have not experience vomiting, but felt as though I might. The most recent episode, did give me diarhea the following morning but not the day of consuming the egg. This has happened to me after eating a fried egg where the yolk is cooked through and also a hardboiled egg and I only consumed the white. I will never eat a duck egg again!

    3. Is true, as with chicken egges, that if the eggs float in your sink full of water that they are bad?

    4. Hi Dana,
      Thanks for sharing how you use duck eggs in your cooking and baking. i have added your ideas to my list.
      Let me know if you have any other recipes. My favourite use for duck eggs is making blueberry muffins. I’ll have to add the recipe.
      Kind regards
      Sara @ farmingfriends

    5. I would really like to get a definitive answer regarding duck eggs and diarrhea. I have been using duck eggs a lot lately and giving some to friends. Both my son and my father seem to have an intolerance and developed diarrhea right away after eating duck eggs; one in egg drop soup, the other scrambled.

      Maybe I will check with cooperative extension and see what they know. In the meantime, any answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

    6. In answer to Becky W:
      Yes, I have found I am probably allergic to duck eggs. I started raising ducks as a means of getting cruelty-free eggs. Within a few months of eating their eggs, I was incapacitated within an hour after eating breakfast (it took me months to believe the eggs were the problem). It would start as a mild upset, then butterflies in the stomach, then cramps, growing nausea, and almost certain diarrhea. If I ate more than one egg, there was a good chance I’d end up vomiting.

      While I was having all this distress, *most* other people eating the same eggs were fine. Out of about 10 people, 2 of us can not eat duck eggs. The rest are happy to keep consuming the same eggs that cause problems for two.

      I can not eat eggy-pancakes, french toast, souffles, quiche, or eggy crouquets (while others can eat from the same batches with no illness), but I can generally eat cakes, meatloaf, or other baked goods as long as the egg density is low.

      Subsequently, I started getting the same reaction when eating chicken eggs, but they had never been a problem before the duck eggs.

    7. I have used my Peking duck eggs in making pancakes and french toast. Using the duck eggs have made them taste so good. My children really like the pancakes. Cornbread and homemade cheesecake also tastes great using duck eggs. I haven’t tried to make deviled eggs with them, that is next on my list.

    8. I have been eating my duck eggs for breakfast every day for several months, but recently started feeling sick and having stomach cramps afterwards. I experimented yesterday with a hard boiled egg (admittedly two weeks old) and had the same experience. I doubt it is due to salmonella poisoning as I would be much worse. Have you heard of others who have an intolerance to duck eggs? I am fine with hens eggs and eat them regularly anything up to a month old with no problems.

    9. Hi Jo,
      Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and leaving a comment.
      Your duck eggs are fine to use as hen eggs. I have fried, hard boiled and used my duck eggs for omelettes, pancakes but not yorkshire puddings as they don’t seem to rise. The only thing I would say is that the eggs should be cooked thoroughly especially if your ducks are laying their eggs in a nest near a pond and the eggs are getting wet.
      I would be interested in hearing your cake and biscuit recipes if you would like to share.
      How many Indian Runner ducks do you have?
      Kind regards
      Sara @ farmingfriends

    10. I have indian runner ducks I have used the eggs for cooking cakes & biscuits but are they ok to use like my hen eggs to eat as boiled or fryed please

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