British Landrace Pigs

British Landrace Pigs

  • Sows consistently produce litters of 10-12 piglets.
  • This breed produces good quality pigs for meat production.
  • Landrace pigs grow quickly.
  • The skin of British Landrace Pigs is white.
  • This breed is very efficient at food conversion. 
  • This breed originated in Scandinavia.
  • The pigs are suited to indoor systems.
  • This breed is not hardy.
  • They are a lean breed with a good length.
  • Their long carcase makes them very suitable for bacon production.
  • The pigs have white skin and lop ears.
  • The piglets grow faster than other breeds.

Do you keep British Landrace Pigs, if so farmingfriends would love to hear from you or see your photos?

3 thoughts on “British Landrace Pigs”

  1. Hi Topveg,
    What an interesting comment. It must have been a big thing to import the pigs from Denmark in the 50’s. I bet you had some great breakfasts.
    What a great description of the pigs shape.
    Thanks for this comment.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi Sara
    My dad imported some Landrace pigs in the 1950s from Denmark. They went on to win loads of bacon carcase competitions – as they had such long backs, with great eye muscles – perfect for the breakfast rasher!

    I love the shape of the Landrace – but not sure how to describe it – Ellipse at the back, but tapers to a point at the nose! Because they have lop ears covering their eyes, they have to look up at you to make eye contact – quite endearing!


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