Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 01/02/09

Well we have had lots of snow flurries today but nothing has settled on the ground although as I type this at just gone 5pm the first signs of white on the ground can be seen.

Cats The cats got a new bag of cat biscuits and they always eat heartily when the bag is new. They seem to eat with renewed vigour. All five cats are present and correct. I imagine that they will be sleeping in the bales to keep out of the wind and snow flurries.

Cattle – Two heifers are in the calving pen which can only mean that they are going to market tomorrow weather permitting.

Ducks – The duck is still limping and one of her claws does seem to be abit swollen. I don’t know if this is because she has hurt it or because of the way she has been walking this last week. I need to check if she has a callous on her foot or if the foot is warm to the touch which may suggest an infection. Got 6 duck eggs again today.

Guinea Fowl – The injured guinea fowl didn’t come back to the hut tonight and she wasn’t in her usual waiting place so I had to do a good hunt of the hedge rows and I am pleased to say that I found her. She too is limping.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness more starw as it may snow tonight and I want him to be snug and warm in his hut.

Hens – All the hens came dashing across the orchard this afternoon when I came out. Some of them have a tendancy to get under my feet so I have to be extra vigilant that I don’t stand on their feet. One egg was in the nest this morning but it was cracked.

Pigs – How much muck can nine young pigs make? ALOT!

Quail – Made a delivery of quail eggs to Langlands today.

Will be back tomorrow. Bye for now.