Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 02/02/09

Today we awoke to snow as most of the UK did. Steve was loading cattle early as the two heifers were going to market.

Cats – Despite the snow the four white cats were waiting at the door for me this morning and dashed through the snow covered yard to were their food bowl is kept. Stripe was waiting there, he seems to have more sense than to wonder to the farmhouse doorway in all weather or he has more faith in me making the twice daily journey to the cat feeding area!

Cattle – The two heifers (one charolais and one limousin) were loaded early this morning for market and taken to market. Watch the video of my husband getting ready to load the heifers for market.

The glamorous life of a farmer!!! Where’s the lighting crew when you need them?!

Ducks – 6 duck eggs this morning. Due to the snow the poultry have not come out today and hopefully this has allowed the limping ducks leg to rest. Fingers crossed! Although she was still limping tonight.

Guinea Fowl – It is interesting when I go in the hut that the hens clamour at the door, closely followed by the ducks with the guinea fowl all gathering at the far end of the hut.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness some carrot today and made sure he had plenty of straw.

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs today. Put lots of fresh straw in the hut this morning as the poultry were staying inside all day due to the snow.

Pigs – A few of the young pigs had a wander around the outer barn and into the fold yard but after the practising they are now easy to get back into the inner barn where they live. They were bedded up tonight with plenty of straw.

Quail – Only about 15 eggs tonight which is about half the number that I have been getting on a night in the last few days. The cold weather really affects the laying of the quail even though they are inside the hut and have plenty of straw. I have noticed that the quail like to huddle together.