Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 03/02/09

Today we have bought a wood burning stove from Wold Stoves near Driffield.

Cats – Fluffy was very friendly today.

Cattle – I think one of the cows was in bulling today as I could hear the bull making snorting noises which he usually makes when a cow is in bulling. I didn’t see which cows were near the bull so will have to have a look tomorrow to see if it is still happening.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs again today and have taken an order tonight for 6 duck eggs for hatching. I will collect the eggs in the morning to send to the Isle of Wight!

Guinea Fowl – All the poultry have been kept in again today. The some of the guinea fowl males were chasing each other inside the hut, so the pairing off of the guinea fowl season is beginning. The guinea fowl males that are not attached to a female will chase each other to gain the affection of a female. It is funny to watch two males chasing each other. One minute running one way then the next minute running back with the other guinea chasing the first. I don’t know how they decide who wins but the females never really look that interested!

Guinea Pig – I am going to give Guiness a clean out tomorrow.

Hens – Got 3 eggs today. Two this morning and 1 tonight. When I went in the hut tonight, one of the cheeky hens jumped up and bit my hand thinking that I had some food in my hand. I am pleased to say that it didn’t hurt.

Pigs – Three of the young pigs left the barn half way through feeding and went for a wander around the fold yard. One of them actually went into the cattle barn but soon came back under the troughs when the cattle started to kick their legs about. Thankfully no-one was hurt. I am very pleased that I didn’t have to go into the cattle pen to rescue the pig!

Quail – Have got double the number of quail eggs tonight than I got the last few nights as the weather has warmed up today.

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  1. Hi Nikkipolani,
    Thanks for dropping by and being so complimentary. I am a little nervous of the cattle when I am in the fold yard with them as they are so large.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

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