Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 05/02/09

Cats – Fluffy was very friendly today. I bent down and he jumped on my knee and then I sat on the guinea pig hut later on and he jumped on my knee again. What a joy my lovely cats are.

Cattle – The fold yard is open at one end and exposed to the elements when the wind is blowing into the fold yard so we have put some straw bales to try to block the wind abit.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs. The ducks enjoyed being out today and are very easy to get in on a night as they now come when i call them or when they hear my voice they head towards the barn.

Guinea Fowl – If you remember 13 of the guinea fowl were roosting in the trees and in the barn rafters last night. 11 of them have come down but two of them are still roosting in the trees. I think this is due to there still being snow on the ground in the paddock and near the poultry hut so they don’t want to fly down and land in the snow as my guinea fowl do not like snow as guinea fowl do not like the wet.

Guinea Pig – Guiness got a clean out yesterday and I held him for about 10 minutes so we did abit of bonding.

Hens – Got 1 hen egg today. The hens love to free range and they are now in a routine and will easily come in at night.

Pigs РGave the pigs a big muck out today. Noticed that one of the young boars is getting frisky and trying to mate with the gilts. I am hoping that the gilts are sold and will be going this weekend but I need to confirm this, otherwise the gilts and the two boars will need to be separated.

Quail – The straw gets paddled down in the hut right around the edge of the hut, so I will need to add more straw in the next few days so I don’t get quail with toe-balling.