Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 07/02/09

Cats – The cats are not the top of the pecking order. The ducks and hens are not frightened of the cats which is interesting.

Cattle – We still have a poorly calf. My father-in-law went to the vets this morning as he was worried about the calf and didn’t think it was going to make it. The calf is looking better tonight.

Ducks – Got 5 duck eggs today. 4 this morning and unusually one tonight. I have taken an order of 12 khaki campbell duck eggs for hatching which I will collect Sunday and Monday morning and send 1st class on Monday morning.

Guinea Fowl – At 3pm this afternoon the guinea fowl were still in their different groups and not altogether at the door of the hut. This suggests that the guinea fowl are getting ready for the mating season, egg laying and nesting. As yet there are no signs of nest building from the guinea fowl.

Guinea Pig – This morning Guiness’ drinker was frozen up so I made sure that he got some fresh water.

Hens – Got one hen egg this morning. I am not sure where the other hens are laying.

Pigs – I seem to spend most of my time shovelling muck but the young pigs barn is nice and clean and has fresh straw, although by the morning they will have rooted it all around as they look for food.

Quail – I have two quail with poorly eyes. One of their eyes is puffed up and has water around it. I have tried to lance the area on one of the quail with a needle so that I could get rid of the water but this has not proved easy. I also tried with my knife but this was too big and I also couldn’t get the needle through the skin. I will have another go tomorrow.

See you back in the farmingfriends yard bright and early tomorrow!