Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 08/02/09

At 3.15pm this afternoon there was a barn owl flying low over the fields and hedgerows adjoining our farm. A beautiful sight to behold. I did get a short video clip but as I was holding the video camera and the camera at the same time I didn’t manage to zoom in. I will upload the clip soon if I think it’s worth showing.

Cats – The ginger cat with the cloudy eye keeps coming to feed from the cats food bowl. I always know when it’s about as the cats see it beforeme and they start staring into the distance!

Cattle – The calf has got an infection. This is because the calves that are born in Winter struggle in the cold and wet weather to develop well and become susceptible to illness.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. The ducks were in the lane this afternoon when I went out to bring them in and I shouted of them and they came running.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl with the injured foot is now walking better and keeping up with the others. All the guinea fowl were in the lane when I went out to put them away and so I had to round them up and walk them back down the lane.

Guinea Pig – Guiness needed to have fresh water again this morning as the drinker was frozen. His toe nails grow inwards sometimes and need clipping and I have noticed that they will need to be clipped again soon.

Hens – Got one hen egg this morning and one was cracked in the nest. I don’t know if the hens crack them on purpose or if the shells are so soft that they crack easily when another egg is laid.

Pigs – All the muck has been cleared out of the young pigs barn and they have completely fresh straw in their. Tonight I managed to get into the back corners and muck out the remaining muck that had built up in the barn.

Quail – I am pleased to say that the quail with the poorly eye can see abit better this morning as her puffy eye has gone down. She may need to have the eye area pricked again so that more liquid can be released. I get all the good jobs!