Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 09/02/09

Snow was on the ground this morning so I am keeping the poultry in the hut which they won’t like very much as they do like to go out and free range.

Cats- A black and white tom and a ginger cat I haven’t see before has been spotted around the farm and straying close to the cat bowls.

Cattle – Another calf is ill so we have has to inject it.

Ducks – Got 5 duck eggs this morning. Took 12 duck eggs for hatching to the post office to send to Lincolnshire.

Guinea Fowl – The injured guinea fowl is definately getting better. Her toe is crooked but she is walking better.

Guinea Pig – Guiness got sometomatoes, banana skin and half a cucumber to nibble on.

Hen – Got 2 hen eggs today, although I think there were one or two more that got broken!

Pigs – Cagney is looking like she is definately pregnant. It is harder to tell with Lacy as she is longer and doesn’t look as fat as Cagney but don’t tell Cagney I used the word fat!!!

Quail – One of the quail has a large clump of soil on her toe which is toe balling. I have picked the quail up but the lump is quite hard so I will need to soften it to get the clump off.