Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 10/02/09

Tonight as I write this there is a full moon lighting up the fields.

Cats – A new ginger cat was spotted feeding from the cat bowls late this afternoon but when I got close the cat ran off. My cats just stand back and let the cat eat.

Cattle РI think that one of the cows (Ear Tag 28) is in bulling today as the bull was making grunting noisesand then getting very close to Number 28. I did see the bull try to mount one of the cows so I think she is in bulling.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. The ducks were pleased to go out today. Have an order for 6 duck hatching eggs to be posted to London tomorrow.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl were very pleased to go out today. Most of them flew out of the hut and around the corner into the orchard. They like to flap their wings and get some exercise when they have been cooped in for a day.

Guinea Pig – Guiness is still feasting on banana, tomatoes, cucumber and tomatoes.

Hens – Got 2 hen eggs this morning. This afternoonI went out into the orchard and was greeted by 12 brown hens all running towards me as they thought that I might have food for them!

Pigs – Steve has milled some more barley and mixed it with concentrate for the pigs.

Quail – Took an order for quail eggs for The Pipe and Glass restaurant at South Dalton so I have got the eggs all ready for delivery in the morning.

More news from the farm tomorrow.