Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 11/02/09

Cats – This morning Fluffy was nowhere to be seen which isn’t like Fluffy as he is always at the door. I called and called him but it was sometime before he sauntered across the yard looking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Cattle – The calves seem to be responding to the anti-biotics they have been given which is a relief.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning – got them packaged up to post to London as they had been bought for duck egg hatching.

Guinea Fowl – Been out this afternoon so arrived back about 3pm so by the time I went out to round up the poultry some of the guinea fowl had flown onto the roof trusses. In fact 6 of them will have to stay out and roost in the barn tonight. One of the them is the guinea fowl hen with the injured foot which seems to be much improved.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness more straw as the weather is very cold at the moment.

Hens – Got 2 hen eggs this morning. Polly the hen is slowing down and looks abit under the weather but when I try to get close to her she dashes off.

Pigs – Cagney and Lacy’s teats are beginning to take shape so it looks like they are pregnant and their milk is beginning to start to develop.

Quail – The quail in the aviary are enjoying have more straw added to their hut.