Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 13/02/09

Well we had no more snow in the night but the snow was still on the ground this morning.

Cats – The young strange ginger cat keeps coming and spooking out my cats. They don’t like strange cats coming onto their territory yet they back off and let the cat eat their food! After feeding time this evening my cats had a wander about and later on I found Spot curled up under a pile of straw fast asleep – a very cute sight.

Cattle – Still no calf from our black cow. One of the calves doesn’t have a mother around anymore so the calf has gone into the calving pen as it is looking like it needsabit of TLC.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs. Although there was still snow on the ground this morning I thought I would allow the ducks to go out if they wanted and yes they wanted out. It was funny to see them waddling about o the snow and ice.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl stayed in the hut as they don’t really like snow and end up roosting in the trees and the barn to avoid standing on thick snow.

Guinea Pig – Spent some time with Guiness as he was squeaking but didn’t need anymore water or food, just company.

Hens – I gave the hens the choice to come out this morning and 9 of them decided to free range but 3 stayed in with the guinea fowl as well as Hatty, my white leghorn hen. I got 2 eggs this morning and then I found 6 eggs in the old duck house so I have left them in their to encourage the hens to continue to lay. I am surprised that the eggs have not been taken by the magpies that are beginning to circle the farm or rats which can be a problem when you have poultry.

Pigs – As I was mucking out the young pigs sleeping quarters, a couple of them had a wander around the outer barn which is fine as I had the door shut to the fold yard. However I had got myself organised with fodder beet for tomorrow and some of it was on the floor behind a container and one of the pigs sniffed it out and then it was a struggle to get the pigs back into their bar when they had been mucked out.

Quail РUnfortunately I found a dead quail in the hut today. Not sure why it died Рneed to keep a close eye on the others and look out for signs of poorly quail. Decided to give all the pultry some poultry spice so hopefully this will keep them healthy. Took my weekly delivery of quail eggs to The Star @ Sancton.