Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 14/02/09

Cats – All cats ok. I have noticed that Snowy is slowing down abit lately and she seems alot more nervous. She must be about 8 years old.

Cattle – The auger in the fodder beet feeder is getting worn out with all the grinding of the fodder beet.

Ducks РGot 6 duck eggs this morning, all very clean. 4 were in one nest, one in the milk crate with straw and the final one in a box with straw in it.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl went out today and enjoyed free ranging. Fortunately the remaining snow on the ground didn’t stop the guineas from running about.

Guinea Pig – Guiness enjoyed eating some cucumber.

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs this morning in the hut. No eggs were laid in the old duck hut despite me leaving some old eggs in there.

Pigs – Another good muck out today and no naughty pigs sniffing out fodder beet that they hadn’t been given!

Quail – Another quail had passed away this morning. She was a large quail and looked healthy but obviously she wasn’t! Poor thing.