Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 15/02/09

I forgot to mention yesterday that the sheep in our nieghbours field were moved as they have eaten the grass already.

Cats – Fluffy is in a bad mood today and does not wantt o be petted. Stripe on the other hand sat on my knee. The new ginger cat was sitting on the bales today when my cats were feeding from their cat bowls.

Cattle – Well the black cow still hasn’t calved yet.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. The paddock is waterlogged in places and the ducks have realised and keep going into the paddock to paddle about in the water.

Guinea Fowl – The injured guinea fowl seems to be better now. Her foot was broken but the shin seems to have healed over the break and although her toe is crooked she is getting about fine.

Guinea Pig – I have been reading that guinea pigs can be kept with quail. If this is the case then I may put Guiness’ hut in the aviary with the quail and then everyday I can open Guiness’ hut and he can have a wander around.

Hens – Got 1 hen egg this morning in the hut and then tonight I found another 3 under a pile of straw. These hens are getting cunning at finding a new nest site.

Pigs – Gave the pigs some barley straw which makes a change from the wheat straw that they usually have. The barley straw seems to be better and doesn’t get all messed up so quickly. A couple of the young pigs had a wander around the fold yard today and LacyII was the last to get in so I banged the side of the bucket and she ran into the barn. They have learnt very quickly to follow the sound of the bucket.

Quail – Gave the quail some apple and apple peelings tonight which they were curious about when I put them in their hut.

See you back on the farmingfriends farm tomorrow.