Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 16/02/09

Cats –  My five cats are penpals with Steve’s best friends Bill and Fiona. We were delighted this morning when a letter arrived for Snowy, Fluffy, Snowball, Spot and Stripe.

Cattle – The black cow still hasn’t calved yet.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. It is amazing that when I go out to put the poultry away late afternoon and I can’t see the ducks. As soon as I start to speak they seem to appear.

Guinea Fowl – I hope that the guinea fowl will start to lay soon, although I haven’t seen the guinea fowl hens scrating at the ground to make a nest area.

Guinea Pig – Guiness enjoyed some cucumber today.

Hens – Got one hen egg this morning and one was broken in the hut. Then collected one under the straw in the barn and one was broken in this nest too. I will give my hens more grit.

Pigs – The young pigs enjoy running between the two barns when I clean out their barn.

Quail – The quail enjoed eating the apple and apple peelings I left for them yesterday. There was no sign of apple when I went in this morning. They are laying more eggs as the weather is warming up.