Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 18/02/09

Cats – Spot caught a mouse today after catching 3 rats in the last day or so.

Cattle – The black cow finally had her calf and I helped. I had to hold the calving stick to the cows bottom, which always looks easy when one of the men does it but let me tell you that it is hard and my arm is now all bruised and grazed as I caught it on the gate as the stick got really heavy! The calf was a big, bull calf and is doing well. He got up soon after birth and was trying to suckle.

Ducks – Got 5 duck eggs this morning. The duck with the poorly foot seems t be much better and is no longer limping.

Guinea Fowl – Three guinea fowl flew to the barn roof tonight and I am pleased that 2 flew down and so did the third but she ended up in the orchard and that is where she still is! I hope the solitary guinea fowl will be ok. I spent ages trying to call her down and then waiting or loitering around the corner of the hut but she is still up there now.

Guinea Pig – Guiness likes to get some attention everyday but I am sure he is just checking to see if I have any food.

Hens – Got one egg in the hut and two were broken. I found an egg in the old duck hut that was freshly laid today.

Pigs – The young pigs enjoyed coming into the other barn and rooting through the big bale of straw!

Quail – There was a big nest of quail eggs in the middle of the hut this morning. The quail like to lay their eggs in a dip where they can dust bath in the soil and partly bury their eggs.