Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 19/02/09

Steve has been busy doing  jobs for neighbouring farmers using the digger in the last few days.

Cats – The ferral ginger cat seems to have taken up residence at our farm yard!

Cattle – The new calf is doing well. We are now awaiting the calving of two more cows.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning. I have noticed on a night that the ducks don’t always settle altogether.

Guinea Fowl – I could hear the solitary guinea hen that had not gone in the hut last night at about 6.30am so I go up but she was still in the tree, so I fed 3 of the cats and then went for another look but still in the tree. I found 2 more of my cats so they were fed and then the guinea fowl had flown down. After chasing her round the hut a few times, I decided the best thing to do was let all the others out.

Guinea Pig – Refilled Guiness’ drinker and feed bowl today.

Hens – Got two eggs in the pig barn on the straw this morning and then one of the hens laid an egg in the hut tonight as I was getting the poultry in and as I put the egg down to fill the feeders up one of the hens cracked the egg, so I am having fried egg for tea tonight as she only cracked the shell abit!

Pigs – The barley straw bale that I have at the moment is lasting alot longer the wheat bales I usually have and the pigs don’t mess up the straw so much thankfully.

Quail – I gave the quail some fresh straw all around the edge of the hut where they walk frequently and pad down the straw. The quail were excited to have new straw in the hut.