Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 22/02/09

Cats – Stripe is having abit of difficulty walking and is not moving very quickly when he does come for some food. I have spent alot of time with him today to make sure he is comfortable and that Fluffy does not pester him as Fluffy doesn’t seem to like Stripe.

Cattle – The cattle had a visit from one of their penpals today. Katie came to visit her cow, tag number 29, as well as the pigs and the poultry. It always amazes me, that when Katie visits, her cow comes to the gate and says hello.

Ducks – The ducks laid 6 eggs this morning. Iam pleased that tonight all 7 ducks/drake were sitting near each other.

Guinea Fowl – One of the male guinea fowl seems to be distancing himself from the group. He is obviously trying to pair up with a female.

Guinea Pig – I have noticed that guinea pigs, like pigs are clean creatures and they tend to go to toilet in the same place.

Hatty's Egg In Mill House
Hatty's Egg In Mill House

Hens – Great news, Hatty the hen laid her first egg of the year today in her favourite spot ontop of the mill. Got two hen eggs and one was broken.

Pigs – The young pigs have been drinking all their water up and not getting with straw that they have rooted about.

Quail – I have observed that the quail in the aviary will spend most of the day under the covered part of the hut but then when night begins to come they move to the more exposed end. One of the quail in the barn had died tonight. It obviously hadn’t been dead very long as it was still warm, poor thing.