Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 23/02/09

The day strated extra early with my rude awakening with two badgers fighting in the garden at 2am.

Cats – Stripe was missing this morning but then I found him curled up in the straw keeping out of the way. He was near the cat bowls but didn’t come when I called so he is definately not very well. I gave him some tuna as I know that my cats respond well to tuna when they are ill. He has been laid down most of the day. Tonight I had to move him out of the way as he had curled up under the tractor with the silage feeder on it and I didn’t want my father in law to accidently run over him.

Cattle – Mid morning the cow we have been waiting to calve started to calve and no one was around to help. The calf got half way out and I was considering going into the fold yard to help pull the calf out as the sac was on the calfs head still but some of the cows are temperamental, especially Number 32 who would definately come at me. Anyway I am pleased to say that my fatherinlaw turned up just as the calf finally came out. We thought it might not breathe but it did and the small bull calf is now doing well. He stood quite quickly and has suckled so all is well in the calving pen.

Ducks – Sorted 12 duck eggs to send for hatching and took an order for another 6 eggs which I will collect in the morning.

Guinea Fowl – Most of the guinea fowl were up the lane when I went to fetch them in tonight so it is definately staying lighter for longer.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness some cucumber and refilled his drinker.

Hens – Got one hen egg today although I am sure there are more being laid somewhere on the farm. Hatty was up the lane tonight but when I called she came running. Well trained!

Pigs – Back at the end of January I had an enquiry to buy my seven young gilts but then I didn’t hear anything so I emailed yesterday and unfortunately they no longer want to have the pigs. The pigs are now 22/23 weeks old and will be perfect for breeding. So if anyone wants pedigree Saddleback gilts in the Hull to York area then please leave a comment.

Quail – When I entered the hut tonight the quail must have been able to smell the lettuce as they came running towards me. They love to eat shredded lettuce.

Farming Activities – Steve has been busy lifting beet today and digging with the big digger.