Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 24/02/09

Steve and I have been for a walk before dusk to check that there isn’t an injured badger in the field hedgerows as I was worried that one of the badgers that I caught fighting in our garden the other morning (2 am!) might have been injured.

Cats – Stripe is still limping but he did come for his food this morning and moved alittle way for his food tonight. I am pleased that he has a good appetite¬†I can’t work out which leg is hurting.

Cattle – The little brown calf that was born recently has an inflammed navel so we have sprayed the calf with the navel spray.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning and then packaged them for Gloucestershire.

Guinea Fowl – One of the male guinea fowl is behaving oldly. He is the last to go in the hut at night and is running about the farm as if he is looking for something. I don’t know if he is challenging one of the other males for a mate. The males are certainly abit more lively at the moment, so they are definately getting ready for the mating season.

Guinea Pig – Guiness enjoys eating banana skins.

Hens – There was only a cracked hen egg this morning in the hut.

Pigs – The pigs enjoy rooting through soil and clumps of grass that are lifted from the field with the beet lifting so I give the clumps of grass to the pigs and this keeps them entertained.

Quail – The japanese quail in my aviary are staring to pair off. A male and female were sitting close togther very cosy tonight.

Other Farm Activities – Steve has been mucking out the heifers and had to pressure wash the tractor as the oil pipe came off and sprayed the tractor with oil.