Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 25/02/09

Well if you don’t know today I featured on Ready Steady Cook with my quail eggs in the Quickie Bag Challenge section of the show. For all of you who are able to view the BBC iPlayer here is a link so that you can watch the show. Ready Steady Cook Series 20 Episode 27.

So now onto the daily update on the farm.

Cats – Stripe is slowly getting better. He came for his food today and is moving a bit quicker but his legs are still sore. If only they were house cats….oh how I would love to have them all curled up in front of the fire with me but the house is very alien to them so I’ll just have to dream….

Cattle – Cow number 29 seems to have some fluid under her chin. We are not sure what this is just yet.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs again. The ducks are so well behaved and will come when called. They like to stay out a bit later than the hens… oh these young un!!!

Guinea Fowl – I recently found four old eggs from last season in the garden and decided to leave them there to encourage the guinea fowl to lay in this nest when they start to lay. Today there were definate signs that the eggs had been moved about and the earth under the eggs had been dug into which is what the guineas do as they dig out a hole for the egg.

Guinea Pig – Guiness likes to snuggle into the straw so I added abit of straw tonight.

Pigs – We are going to weigh the two boars so that we can see if they are at fattening weight .

Quail – I will be enjoying using some of the quail eggs to replicate the recipes on ready steady cook.

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